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The waveski surfer must perform committed radical manoeuvres in the most critical sections of a wave with style, power and speed to maximise scoring potential.


Innovative and progressive surfing will be taken into account when rewarding points for committed surfing

The waveski surfer who executes this criteria with the highest degree of difficulty and control on the better waves shall be rewarded with the highest score.

Each wave surfed is scored out of a possible 100%.

Manoeuvres at the start of the wave usually count more as the initial breaking wave usually has the most power and hence opportunity to fulfil the judging criteria with the highest risk of losing the wave.

Each competition segment known as a heat is a timed period allowing 2 to 6 surfers to catch up to 15 waves within the given time which ranges from 10 - 30 minutes with the best 3 waves of each surfer counting.

Judging Scale


80 +100%


Very Good

60 - 80%



40 - 60%



25 - 40%


1 - 25%