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Competitions are a great way to improve your waveski surfing ability and riders off all levels from beginners to experience surfers take part. It's a great platform to view what other waveski surfers are able to do and thus raise your expectations of what you can produce.

Contests are run according to professional sporting codes although waveski surfing does not have a professional national or international circuit that waveski surfers can follow as a full-time occupation as in some other surfing disciplines.

Sponsored riders however may earn a living by dedicating themselves to waveski surfing as an occupation in some countries.


Local competitions are held in each province and culminate in yearly open events (anyone my enter) and closed events (restricted to residents and according to age groups). In preparation for the national championships trials are held in each province from which the team order is established for the province according to age groups. The National championships are open to all waveski surfers and take place on a yearly basis. From these national championships a national team is selected to represent the country at the World Waveski Championships.


Waveski Surfing contests are judged according to a set criteria and rules as to how the event is run. This is known as the competition rule book and currently the national and international rule books are being synchronised so that all waveski surfer from around the world adhere to the same criteria.

Events are run as various rounds similar to knock out tennis tournaments in which half the competitors progress from each round to the next. In waveski surfing additional losers round provide an opportunity for those eliminated to regain the winners flow.

For more information on competition judging and rules refer to the judging link.

Tag Team events are a new team orientated format that has been introduced to national and international competition and relies on team effort rather than individual ability to do well.