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Welcome to Waveski.co.za

Please register as user on the site to unlock mutch more cool features, like  under surfing buddies join you're provincial group and be kept up to date with the latest information like trial dates, locations and results. Under the you're provincial group, go to group events, click on the event and let us know that you will be there by clicking on "I will go to this event" and then register. Please also visit waveski forum and discuss waveski related topics and/or under the website topic please give feedback on errors and features. Surf spots is still beiing updated, in the meanwhile if you're favourite surf spot not included please give details in forum and i will update. Feel free when logged in to upload photo's and movies or link youtube movies, the more the merrier.

 The new www.waveski.co.za site was designed to get all South-African WaveSkiers out there involved in the upkeep and enhancement of contents needed to get more WaveSkiers in the water, and maybe try and get more of us info on surfspots, as a "beginner" WaveSkier I know what info i would have liked to have and eventually got by phoning up other WaveSkiers to find out when and where they are surfing so that i can go with and see how it's done, also trying as a complete newbie to the Sea to find out, where what swell with what wind and at what tide does what surf spots work for WaveSki.

For that a Google map with all known Surf Spots is added with information on all the above what's and where's , as new spots are surfed feel free to add them too, a WaveSki Wave is a WaveSki Wave and we need lots of those. 

Another biggie is the accesibility to good video and photo footage of others ripping, I know all this can be found on numorous sites by Searching Google, I am very fortunate to have a broadband internet connection and the know how to get the info, but i could imagine 100's of other potential waveskiers might not. The site allows us to either upload own, interesting videos/photos or link to other videos like the YouTube Videos from Xaver @ Worldriders you will find here.

Having a shop on the site will allow fellow WaveSkiers to sell their old boards online to beginners, to get themselves that long desired new WaveSki, also get Waveski DVD's to where they belong in our homes, at local currency by courier, thus promoting the sport and getting some $ in our pockets to do more of what we love!!

Then Last the capability to form our very own social network like you would have get to know with FaceBook and others, chatting(bragging) about the weekends surf, organising casual meets at a local spot with friends, upload your'e own photo's, videos etc. 

That's it from me...

 ps. And mutch, mutch more!!!

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